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Notes from BC-ISP-IPC-ccTLD joint statement

BC-ISP-IPC-ccTLD joint statement

presented by Grant Forsyth (BC), J. Scott Evans (IPC),
Peter Dengate-Thrush (ccTLD), Greg Ruth (ISP/CP)

Funding model okay, but does not fit well with ccTLDs.
ICANN must remain private-sector-led entity. 
   Permanent liaisons threaten commitment to private
   sector leadership.
Role of Board to approve policy, not to make policy.
   Support of continuation of 3 Board seats by SOs.
   Number of NomCom-appointed directors should not
   exceed SO directors.
   Terms should not be extended from 2 to 3.
Do not support permament appointment non-voting 
   AC Board seats. Should be consulted on as-needed 
NomCom threatens to replace bottom-up process with
   bottom-up involvement.
Disagree with appointment by NomCom to SO Council,
   if necessary, from At Large instead.