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[ga] news from bucharest: at large exists again

Dear fellow members,

it is worth noting that since five minutes ago, as per Lyman Chapin's
proposed amendment to the Blueprint exposed while presenting it to the
public forum, the At Large concept exists again, though with very limited
prerogatives if compared to the original election of half of the Board. I am
sure that many of us will complain about this or consider it just a fig
leaf, but for those (very few) of us who actually bothered to come here to
Bucharest and spend the last days lobbying for this to happen, it is
definitely a great achievement, at least as a starting point.

We'll have to discuss (I imagine, very hardly) in the next days whether this
proposed role (an At Large Advisory Committee similar to the GAC and the
other ACs) suits us, whether it is acceptable, or whether we should refuse
to participate in it and try to overturn ICANN as a whole. But at least,
this is a huge step forward if compared to the "nothing" of the Blueprint
.oOo.oOo.oOo.oOo vb.
Vittorio Bertola     <vb@vitaminic.net>    Ph. +39 011 23381220
Vitaminic [The Music Evolution] - Vice President for Technology

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