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Very brief notes from Phil Sheppard report to ICANN Public Forum

Progress on key issues:
Deletes/WLS: Status report has been posted to the Board;
final recommendations will be made by the TF.
Transfers: Work was delayed a little because of WLS
time line.
Whois: Report, substantial analysis of the Whois survey.
Dot-org: Request exceptionally that if Board decision on
dot-org will be made by teleconference, there be lines
for observers. Constituencies interested in participating
in the evaluation.
Reform: ICANN not fundamentally flawed. Bottom-up, 
transparency, consensus building guiding principles.
Without needed budget, ICANN will reform poorly.
Without staff support, policy development will be poor.
Real failure maybe was to have Board with staff support,
but offer no help to policy development bodies.
Core funding should derive from gTLD registrants fees.
Funding should provide full-time staff support for
bottom-up consensus policy making. Four policy development
bodies should elect their own Board members; around
half of the Board. GA body should embrace their 
stakeholders uniquely [?!]. No further role for selection
committee other than selecting part of Board. ACs should
not provide Board membership. Governments should not have 
voting role.